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Congress Slogan:

Disaster Risk Governance

Congress Topics:

  1. Infrastructure, strategies, regulatory and legal requirements for disaster risk governance
  2. The role of coordination, cooperation and coherence in the establishment of disaster risk governance.
  3. Community based disaster risk governance and clarifying the role of community based and religious - social organizations.
  4. Resiliency and the role of health social components in sustainable development: Challenges ahead
  5. Role and position of general and specialized education in disaster risk management with emphasis on empowering managers.
  6. The Role of Culture, values, beliefs, and social responsibility in the establishment of disaster risk governance.
  7. National policies and resistance economy roles on health system resiliency in exposure to sanctions.
  8. Climate change, human health and sustainable development.
  9. A systematic and comprehensive approach to traffic accident risk management.
  10. Industry based health and promotion of HSE management system: Prerequisite of risk governance.
  11. Integrating the passive defense standards to health system policies
  12. Pathology and modern approaches of mental-social interventions in emergencies and disasters
  13. Risk communications, roles of media and internet in disaster risk governance: Challenges and approaches
  14. Ethical consideration in establishing disaster risk governance
  15. Role of practical researches, future researches and knowledge translation in promotion of disaster risk management
  16. Innovation, modern technologies, communication and information technology in risk management of emergencies and disasters
  17. Position of medical emergency and specialized teams in health command of emergencies and disasters

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