How to prepare lesson learned papers

Instructions for writing lesson learned papers 

The abstract is included the following: incident reporting, incident management strengths and weaknesses, conclusions, recommendations, and the key word. The maximum number of words in the abstracts is 350 words. Summary can be in Farsi or English, and manuscripts in English are required to be presented in English as well.
Abstract title must be in font size 14 and font type B Nazanin bold centered. Below the title, the names of authors should be in font size 10 B nazanin centered. The author’s academic affiliation must be explained in front of each author. Prefixes such as doctor or engineer should be avoided. Scientific affiliations like name of the school, university / institution / organization / research center, city, country and email address of each author is required. Corresponding author should be marked with an asterisk *, also his/her phone number is needed. (a sample article in the Word file format is loaded on Congress site).
The abstract is required in the form of word 2013 text with font B nazanin size 12 single spacing set. Headlines should be in bold font and size according to the above mentioned.
Key words include 3- 6 words extracted from abstract and title. Keywords needed to be written in bold font size 12 B nazanin.
In case you set the abstract in English, Times New Roman font should be used. Size, thickness and spacing should be similar to Persian guide (Sample article in the Word file format is loaded on Congress site).
In the case of accepting abstracts for presentations, the author or his representative is required to provide the designated time and venues. Otherwise certified and privilege for a paper at the Congress not be granted.
Instruction to lessons learned
All lessons learned articles are receiving through the Congress website. Therefore, it is necessary, the author, register through the congress website and receive username and password. In case of sending an article, without specifying corresponding author First author is known as author and presenter.
For this purpose it is necessary for Corresponding author (presenter at the Congress) registered on the Congress website, and receive a username and password. If you write an article written for the group, certificate and educational privilege awarded only to the presenter.
Articles get approved by the scientific secretariat will be notified within 72 hours via e-mail to the corresponding author. During 48 hours after submission through the congress website, you can modify your posted article.
Until 48 hours after submission through the congress website, you can modify Article post there. To accelerate the process of evaluation and judgment it is essential that all lesson learned should be written in the same format as congress secretariat mentioned and set in Word 2013 and submitted.
Dear writers might submit their abstracts, research papers, review articles, case reports and lessons learned to the congress secretariat according to the specified format.
Note: lessons learned articles refer to a special and unique experience of events and how to manage them. Events might be happen in a hospital, clinic, health center and health houses, or an accident or incident management experience.
Authors should avoid sending the abstract of papers that have been presented at other congresses or accepted for publishing in other journals. Otherwise the paper will not be entered in the review process.
Decisions regarding to the acceptance of abstracts or posters will be announced after the review via email by the scientific secretariat of the congress. The corresponding author will be contacted in the case of required revision. The author must revise the items within a maximum of 10 days through the congress website to publish in the manual. To promote the culture of saving and environmental protection, congress abstracts manual will be available on CD for participants and authors.

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